12 Pack Dreamlover Nude Stocking Wig Caps, Flesh Color Stretchy Nylon Close End Wig Caps, Each Paper Board Contains 2 Wig Caps, Nude

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12 Pack Dreamlover Nude Stocking Wig Caps, Flesh Color Stretchy Nylon Close End Wig Caps, Each Paper Board Contains 2 Wig Caps, Nude

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Color: Nude
Brand: Dreamlover
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches ; 2.08 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • #39 in Hair Replacement Wigs
  • Each Paper Board Contains 2 Wig Caps: 2 wig caps packed together in one paper board and 12 wig caps in total
  • Stretchy Nylon Material and Flesh Color: One size fits most. Great for wearing under your wigs and the beige color is more appropriate for customers who have white complexion
  • Stocking Wig Cap Design: Thin stocking and soft fabric makes it very breathable for scalp. Great choice for summer time
  • Thick and Wide Elastic Band: Not easy to stretch out and prevent wig cap and wig from slippage
  • Warm Tip: For people who have very long and thick hair, please make your hair in ponytails and pin them around your head as FLAT as possible before using this wig cap to make sure no hair falling out

The Most Popularized Wig Caps for Your Wigs – Dreamlover Nude Stocking Wig Caps! Why the stocking wig caps become the most popularized? EASY TO APPLY - Simple wearing steps save you a lot of time and effort. Please take time to read our “Product Operation Warm Tips” email to get the recommended wig cap wearing steps. NUDE COLOR – Flesh color that matches your skin tone perfectly and provide a natural looking. LIGHT WEIGHT - Makes you feel at ease when wearing wigs COST EFFECTIVE – For wig lovers, a package bag of wig caps for long-term use is more cost-effective than buying from local beauty stores. Warm Tips: Because of the thinness of the stretchy nylon material, please keep anything SHARP away from the wig caps for better protection and ensure long terms of use. If you have relatively long and sharp finger nails, we kindly suggest you to be cautious when using our wig caps. And if you have pretty long and thick hair, we recommend that customers apply two wig caps at a time to create a greater sense of security. SUPER BREATHABILITY The temperature in summer is often above 30℃ which make you feel uncomfortable or impatient. During this time, choosing a good wig cap would not only bring you comfort also bring you a good mood full day. Dreamlover Wig Caps are made of very thin and soft nylon material that allows your scalp to breathe during a full day. GREAT ELASTICITY To leave our customers a greatest shopping experience, we are strictly control each process including choosing raw materials, processing and packaging. We always do our best to achieve customers' satisfaction and sincerely wish to establish a long-term cooperation with every customer. As Dreamlover Wig Caps are made of very thin nylon materials, although they are with great elasticity, please make sure not to over stretch them, or will greatly shorten their service life. PREVENT SLIPPAGE Does the wig caps slip off less than a half day which embarrass you? For this issue, it is not only caused by an inappropriate wearing way but with great relation of the elastic band. Dreamlover Wig Caps with thicker and wider elastic band, has increased the force area and the resistance between the wig cap and your forehead to prevent the wig from slipping off. Read more Advantages Definitely Say YES to The Below Things! REFUSE ALLERGIES REFUSE SMELL REFUSE HEAVINESS Product details Material: Elastic Nylon Color: Nude Quantity: 12 Pack (6 X 2 units per piece) Are Your Wig Caps Safe? If the wig caps are made of poor materials which will bring you not only mental troubles but also would be a threat to your health. The most common situation is HEAD ITCHING or PECULIAR SMELL. Dreamlover Wig caps are made of safe nylon materials, strictly control processing, you are no longer to worry about the safety issues. With the characteristics of thinness, comfort and safety, let you FEEL FREE for a whole day. Read more Read more