[20 Pack] 6 Inch Round Cake Boards - Grease Proof Cardboard Disposable Cake Pizza Circle Scalloped White Tart Decorating Base Stand 20 6"

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[20 Pack] 6 Inch Round Cake Boards - Grease Proof Cardboard Disposable Cake Pizza Circle Scalloped White Tart Decorating Base Stand

Product Details

Item Package Quantity: 20
Size: 6"
Brand: Fit Meal Prep
MPN: FMP300205
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Fit Meal Prep
  • Date First Available: March 10, 2019
  • GREASE PROOF Having a cake base that is grease proof is important if you want a sturdy base for your amazing cake. This round cake tray has a laminated layer that prevents the circle board from absorbing grease and moisture and is perfect for presenting your stunning cakes.
  • IDEAL SIZE AND SHAPE This circle cake tray has an 6 diameter, ideal for presenting most average sized cakes and making them look royal. You can also easily cut the base in half to use in those crafty half-round cake containers. These corrugated cake trays are single walled making them easy to carry.
  • RECYLABLE AND EASY CLEAN UP The lamination helps to keep any mess made on the top at bay and contained on the tray. This makes for a super easy cleanup, simply take to tray and dispose of it because it is also made from corrugated cardboard, this Round cake tray can be recycled to stay environmentally friendly.
  • CREATES STURDY BASE Never fear dropping your cake again with this sturdy corrugated single wall circle cake tray. The corrugated cardboard brings strength to the base for all kinds of cakes. The lamination prevents absorption and keeps the tray dry and sturdy so as not to bend moving your cake.
  • 100% lifetime guarantee - contact us if not satisfied with our product and we will send you a new replacement or issue you a full refund.

Item Package Quantity:20 | Size:6" Class up your cake presentation with these white laminated, corrugated, cake round trays. The lamination not only brings a royal presentation to your cake, but also serves as a protectant to keep from absorbing grease and moisture when in use. This prevention keeps the board dry and sturdy so you never need to fear dropping your cake again. This corrugated round cake tray is 6” in diameter and is single walled to keep it both light weight and sturdy. This corrugated cake tray will refrain from bending and collapsing while you move your cake from once place to the next. The lamination also keeps any mess contained within the top to make for and easy clean up. You can also easily wipe the edges clean to create a professional presentation. The cardboard base makes for simple disposal and can be recycled to keep the environment clean. This gold circle cake tray will class up any cake you make and is perfect for any event.110% SATISFACTION PLEDGE – You have our promise that your purchase will meet your expectations. Your purchase is backed by our 100% REFUND PROMISE that if this purchase did not EXCEED your expectations So order now and consider getting two. One for you and one for your very best outdoor buddy.