925 Sterling Silver Cable Chain Lobster Claw Clasp 16-30" 16.0 Inches .8 MM

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925 Sterling Silver Cable Chain Lobster Claw Clasp 16-30"

Product Details

Length: 16.0 Inches
Style: .8 MM
Brand: Designer Sterling Silver
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Item model number: MPSS08MMC16
  • Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: Designer Sterling Silver
  • Metal stamp: 925 Sterling
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Gem Type: NA
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Chain: Cable
  • Clasp: lobster-claw-clasps
  • Model number: MPSS08MMC16
  • FREE GIFT with each purchase. You will get a mini Jewelry Survival Kit with tips on care and cleaning of Silver, bags to keep your Silver tarnish free, anti tarnish strip and more.
  • These Necklaces are made in Italy long known to be the manufacturers of the BEST strong yet thin fine Silver Chains
  • Necklace too thick/thin? Look at our pictures, get the chain best suited for your needs.
  • ALLERGIES TO NICKEL? - you will be pleasantly surprised - no bad skin reactions - Lead and Nickel free - Hypoallergenic
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE SECOND TO NONE - We LOVE what we do and we want to do it for you.

This dainty, yet remarkably strong Cable Chain is a long time favorite for small pendants and yet can be easily worn alone or with other chains in layers. It is very shiny and bright and to keep it that way we recommend you follow the care and cleaning instructions we include on the flier that comes with the chain. Enjoy your chain and let us know if there is ever any issue with any of our Sterling Silver Chains or if we can help you with anything else. We take our business very seriously and we want to never have anything but ecstatically happy customers! Dean and Mary Elizabeth Glosup Media Productions Designer Sterling Silver by Media Productions Mary Elizabeth and I have been in the Jewelry Business for over 30 years and through those years have heard many comments and complaints from people about buying Jewelry from Retail Jewelry stores. We have heard those comments and have set about to upgrade and help our customers deal with some issues involving Sterling Silver Jewelry One issue is and has always been tarnishing. As an issue, oxidation has been at the forefront to people’s resistance to buy and wear Sterling Silver Jewelry. Silver tarnishes. Some companies for years plated their silver with Nickel which is beautiful, shiny and does not tarnish. But recently it has come to light that people are many times allergic to this metal. So lately Rhodium from the platinum family of metals was used. There are other coatings which to a greater or lesser extent slow or try to stop the tarnishing process. However, all the methods have downsides to them. Most notably is the fact that if Silver is plated with a super thin coat of another metal or e-coating or any sort of anti-tarnish agent, its plating starts to erode and come off over time and the result is far worse than simple tarnishing and can ruin the Silver Jewelry altogether. We opted for a far different approach. We do not plate ANY of our Jewelry with any sort of anti-tarnish coating. Instead we supply (with every order) a simple homemade how-to guide on how to get rid of not only future tarnish on your Silver Jewelry, but this works on ALL Silver - Jewelry Flatware - all of it and it is done with simple household ingredients you most likely already have at your house. You will get the recipe right along with your Jewelry purchase from us on every order. Dean and Mary Elizabeth Glosup Designer Sterling Silver Our Up Graded Jewelry We’ve spent years researching, finding, and selling Silver Jewelry from all over the world and we have after these many years settled on Italy as the 1 source for Sterling Silver Chains. Anyone can find silver chains all over. At the mall, at the jewelry store etc. etc. And many of those also come from Italy. But our Jewelry is different from all others. It has been designed by us and therefore it is not your normal jewelry. We have spent years listening to our customers talk about what their Ideal Silver Chain would be like. Strong, does not pull my hair, is shiny and bright, does not knot or kink easily, gets me many compliments and more. We have scoured the Factories in Italy and there are lots of them. We narrowed it down to just a couple of them who's quality is something we can be proud of and we have branded our own "recipe" to make up these superior chains. Including the exact specifications of cut, color, strength, clasp types and connector ring size and more. Each of our chains have been designed directly by us and are superior to what can be found in Department and Jewelry Stores. What To Look For In Sterling Jewelry When it comes to Sterling Silver Jewelry one should be sure to choose the right thickness for a particular use. For instance, let’s use the following "rules" to help us choose. If worn alone, the thinnest available box or Singapore chain works. You can also use the thinnest box chain for very small lightweight pendants just fine. For a dramatic approach the shiny 8-sided magic snake chain is a good choice. Not usually used for heavy pendants though because too much side pressure can cause it to kink. For heavier pendants, the 2MM Rope Chain is great and super sturdy. It can handle just about any weight of pendant anytime. For multiple Chain combinations, we always go with the thinnest for the shortest one and thicker up the line to a total of maybe up to 5 chains. Always ensure you choose the one chain that you love most. But of course, you will. Wrapping it All Up The Smelting Process to make .925 Sterling Silver is a VERY exact process. The metals are mixed precisely and heated to an exact temperature. This is then pushed out through the bottom into a .925 Sterling Silver Rod about ½ inch thick. Then the rod is rolled through rollers that stretch out the Silver into a wire that is thinner and thinner all the way down to what is needed to make a particular chain. We supervised and quality checked each step of the process to ensure our products met with our specific needs before we decided to use that Factory to manufacture Designer Sterling Silver Chains.. The Singapore Chain is a very difficult chain for a Factory to get right. We searched high and low and finally found the one Factory that specializes in this type of chain exclusively. That was a great day for us to find this Factory and now they are making our Branded Singapore Chains by the Kilo. We very much enjoy our business and we completely stand behind all our products. This is one reason we have done well in the sales of our Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry. We love our customers and our customers love us.