Airbrush Makeup Set Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor 0.4mm Needle and Nozzle Nail Body Paint SP16 (RED) red

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Airbrush Makeup Set Pinkiou Air Brush Kit for Face Paint with Mini Compressor 0.4mm Needle and Nozzle Nail Body Paint SP16 (RED)

Product Details

Color: red
Brand: Pinkiou
UPC: 756040824044
EAN: 0756040824044

  • Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 7 x 3.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Manufacturer: bolt
  • Item model number: SP16MR3
  • Excellent Airbrush makeup Kit for both professional and personal use. Ideal for Face Painting, Face Paint, Tanning, Cake decoration.
  • Made with high quality precision components that enable the airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control.
  • Quite and durable mini compressor. Portable light weight and easy to carry around. Three adjustable pressure to control the air flow
  • Suitable with most Brand water base airbrush foundation. Please do clean the airbrush after each use.
  • Notice: Please check the video attached about the basic airbrush troubshooting. The most happened problem is airbrush clogged, trigger stucked and compressor circuit opened, all of these can be fixed easily. Contact Pinkiou website to get technical support.

Airbrush Features: Really nice for makeup Really nice for body tattoo Really nice for tanning Really nice for cake decorating This high- quality airbrushing kit is perfect for Face painting, beauty makeup illustration, photo retouching, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, crafts, hobbies and any other airbrushing items. Save much more time than handmade drawing and excellent for your spray painting business.. Read more Airbrush Gun SIZE :144.5cm CUP CAPACITY: 2cc WEIGHT :62.6g MATERIAL :Copper FEATURE: Single-action airbrush Single action trigger air control. Air Spray out while trigger is unpressed, ink or foundation Spary out while trigger is depressed. Standard Nozzle Dia.: 0.4mm; for coarse particles paint(water fill soil, metallic paint),for beginners Easy fluid refills and easy cleaning. Read more Air Compressor Model: BT-16 Voltage : 12 volt DC Adapter: International convertor,100v -240v included Plugs : US available Sound : Quiet, vibration free Holder : Airbrush holder, soft plastic Port : Easy push-over & pull-off air hose connection Air hose: 1.5m Air flow: 7.5L/min Max pressure:25PSI Time: Designed for extended running and use N.W./G.W.: 0.578kg/0.804kg Suitable for 0.2~0.5mm airbrush ,especially perfect for makeup, cosmetic ,nail painting . Please contact if you met any problem while using Read more Working style: Three adjustable pressure with internal hot protection device, the compressor will auto cut off the power when its about to over heat and reset after the motor cool down. This DC Air Compressor is suitable for Makeup, Cosmetics, Tattoo and beginner of hobbies. And it have plenty of Accessory available. From most simple compressor-airbrush kit to Luxurious complete kit for your choose. For Airbrush Make-up Power Choose: 0 to 25 psi airflow range with airbrush air flowing 0 to 25 psi is our useable working pressure. Our makeup gun sprays wonderfully and safely in the 5 psi range. The extra flow in mostly used for doing extra quick color changes, and sometimes for runway or stage. Read more Compressor Troubleshooting Most of the not power on problem are related to the reason that Plugin is not fully inserted. Please find the picture showed on the right. Do press the plug to make sure that plugin is fully inserted into the slot. Airbrush Troubleshooting The majority of airbrush problems are related to the lack of regular thorough cleanings. o Common mistakes when using an airbrush:  Not cleaning the airbrush after each application  Applying too much product  Holding the airbrush incorrectly when applying  Moving the airbrush too quickly when applying makeup  Putting too much product in the cup  Pulling the trigger all the way back while applying your airbrush foundation.  Not keeping the airbrush brush in constant motion (holding it still) will cause blotchiness o Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions  Heavy, Blotchy or Uneven Coverage  Airflow Setting to High – Lower Airflow setting  Holding airbrush too close to the face - Stay 6 to 8 inches away from your face to prevent the makeup from being caked on or blotchy  Allowing too much makeup to flow by pulling trigger too far back – Only pull the trigger about 1/3 to 1/2 way back for a very light feathered and soft spray. Pulling the trigger past the midpoint can result in a heavy, blotchy or uneven coverage.  Airbrush Not Spraying  Clogged Nozzle – Remove and clean nozzle  Damaged Nozzle – Remove and replace with new nozzle  Tip Head is Loose – Tighten Tip Head  Needle not Moving – Tighten loose needle chucking nut  Air Pressure to Low – Adjust to higher airflow setting  Grainy or Textured Spray  Air Pressure to Low – Adjust to higher airflow setting  Dried Makeup on End of Needle – Remove, clean and lube needle  Dirty Airbrush Nozzle – Remove and clean nozzle  Makeup too thick – Use fresh makeup from a thoroughly shaken bottle, possibly have applied too much makeup.  Bubbling Fluid in Cup  Clogged or Damaged Nozzle – Remove and clean or replace nozzle  Tip Head is Loose – Tighten Tip Head  Spray Cannot be Shutoff  Clogged or Damaged Nozzle – Remove and clean or replace nozzle  Dirty or Stuck Needle – Remove, clean and lube needle  Needle not seating all the way into the nozzle due to loose needle chucking nut - Push needle in until it seats in the nozzle, then tighten needle chucking nut  Sticky Trigger – Trigger and air valve packing need to be lubed  Sprays Double Lines or Heavy on One Side  Split Nozzle Tip – Remove and Replace  Bent Needle Tip – Remove and straighten or replace  Nozzle Tip Not Centered in Tip Head – Remove and clean airbrush tip head threads and head thread assembly on airbrush  Dried Makeup on End of Needle - Remove and clean needle  Dirty Airbrush Nozzle – Remove and clean nozzle  Makeup Blobs at the Beginning of a Stroke  Spraying makeup before moving your hand – Have your hand in motion before triggering makeup flow  Makeup Blobs at the End of a Stroke  Stopping the airbrush movement before shutting off makeup flow - Follow through with your airbrush stroke until after the trigger is released to shutoff makeup flow  Splattering Allowing the needle to snap back into the tip – Always release the trigger gently to avoid splattering Read more