Bamboo Blue Toddler Blanket for Boys or Girls- Snuggle with Your Newborn Baby - Natural Child's Throw Blanket with Satin Edging - Perfect for Travel Registry! 34 x 47 inches Light Blue

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Bamboo Blue Toddler Blanket for Boys or Girls- Snuggle with Your Newborn Baby - Natural Child's Throw Blanket with Satin Edging - Perfect for Travel Registry! 34 x 47 inches

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Color: Light Blue
Brand: Natural Snuggles
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  • Material: ‎Bamboo
  • Color: ‎Light Blue
  • Brand: ‎Natural Snuggles
  • Blanket Form: ‎Throw Blanket
  • Pattern: ‎Solid
  • Recommended Uses For Product: ‎Indoor outdoor stroller car seat shopping cart high chair
  • Care instructions: ‎Machine Wash
  • Size: ‎Crib
  • Fabric Type: ‎Bamboo
  • Item Weight: ‎1 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎36 x 0.5 x 47 inches
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No
  • Target gender: ‎Unisex
  • Material Type: ‎Bamboo
  • material_composition: ‎100% bamboo exterior
  • Material free: ‎Latex Free, Lead Free
  • Best uses: ‎Boy girl stroller car seat high chair tummy carts
  • Batteries required: ‎No
  • Specification met: ‎(unset)
  • Item Weight: ‎1 pounds
  • Country/Region of origin: ‎China
  • Bamboo
  • HELPS TODDLERS SLEEP - Bamboo material is naturally temperature regulating. This comforting coverup allows your child a good night's sleep. The satin edging also is soothing for those toddlers wanting something to rub as they drift off to sleep for their naptime. This kids blanket naturally insulates to control your toddler's body temperature - cooling them when needed and warming as a heat blanket depending on the environment to give them comfort.
  • BAMBOO NATURALLY PROTECTS YOUR BABY'S SKIN - Less porous than cotton so it doesn't pick up as much out in public! This infant throw blanket is made of natural materials also protecting your childs sensitive skin. A nursery essential to tie out with your room decor while keeping them healthy. Great for giving as a gift at that Its a girl or Its a boy baby shower.
  • MULTI-USE- Use it on a stroller ride, or covering up your car seat or to cover up for breast feeding your newborn on your lap. Because it is a heavier blanket necessity, it wont fly away. Use it as a receiving blanket to cuddle with your newborn creating all of those great memories! The blanket will protect your growing baby during tummy time on the floor. They'll want to sleep with it as they get older to comfort them. Great for snuggle time and a good overall kid blanket!
  • TRAVEL - Use these blankets with your kid (girl or boy) for comforting them while traveling. Babies will love these large cozy blankets too. This kids throw blanket will become a travel companion that reminds them of home and keeps them healthy with the natural elements in bamboo material. Also these bamboo blankets protect your little ones precious skin. Great portable toddler blankets and throws.

If you are looking to fill your nursery with all of the essentials, these bamboo blankets will check one of those items off your list. The three options for color work well for those wanting blankets for multiple kids in the family. Bamboo material elements allow you to not have to wash the blanket as frequently as you would with cotton. These large baby blankets are 34 inches x 47 inches. It is a great size to work with your growing child and using them all the way up until they are in elementary school for those that love something to snuggle with at night. Why use bamboo material? Naturally regulates their temperature Hypoallergenic and soft material for your baby's sensitive skinMultiple uses - tummy time or just playing on the floor, nursing cover-up, shopping cart, stroller, or car seat cover Bamboo blankets are excellent to lay out on the floor for tummy time. Because you will love these for yourself, you'll love to also share them with your friends at their baby shower. It is an essential for the nursery supplies. Enjoy time with your little one! Multiple Use Blankets to use when Traveling Great multi-use options for taking with while traveling to keep those germs off your newborn baby. You can cover your strollers for helping your baby sleep with the scent of home close to them. It is quick to grab and throw in the backpack for using as playtime on the floor. These large baby blankets invite your growing baby to engage with you while keeping their toys safe from stuff on the floor and their little hands clean. For those nursing mothers, use it as a nursing cover-up. It can also be used to drape over the car seat to keep the sunlight out of your kid's eyes. These baby blankets also can be used as a temporary burp rag or draped over a shopping cart or high chair to keep your little one clean. It is great for taking with you on the go to help with less in the diaper bag and keeping your little one healthy. Read more Keep Your Toddler Comfortable While Sleeping Everyone's body fluctuates in temperature with the seasons and natural changes in their body. Bamboo has natural temperature controlling elements. The fiber size and orientation have an opposite reaction with the temperature around them. Because of these thermal conductivity characterizations, they keep you warmer when you are cold and visa versa. Great reason to use viscose bamboo! You'll want to start buying bamboo products for yourself too! Read more Naturally Protect Your Baby With these Bamboo Toddler Blankets Protects Baby's Skin Natural hypo-allergenic bamboo materials provide a breathable product to comfort your baby. That new baby skin is so sensitive and precious to protect. Who wouldn't want the best products for their little ones. The blankets are a breathable material that naturally minimizes allergy issues. Protects Budget with no Fabric Softener Used You won't want to use liquid fabric softener on these blankets. The outside bamboo material fibers will lay flat after washing them as they are naturally shorter threads than cotton materials and not appear as fuzzy as out of the package. The material retains the benefits of being a breathable and minimize germs on the blanket. (Warm water and high heat constrain the bamboo fibers.) All Amazon pictures are done after washing to show you the final material texture. Great Natural Product Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants making it an incredibly renewable source with minimal land footprint and no irrigation needed. Bamboo is a great material that has many natural benefits for your child. This means that it's the perfect material not only because it's incredible for your baby, but because it is good for the world. Read more Love Naturally Because you know how important it is to always give your baby the absolute best, you will be assured that you have given them the best with viscose bamboo products. We will help you enjoy these quality moments of bliss with Natural Snuggles baby products! Read more Other Natural Snuggles Items Swaddle blankets to wrap your baby in love. Swaddling infants 0-4 months help not wake themselves up from natural twitches. The bamboo crib mattress pad will comfort your baby regulating their temperature. Portable changing pads for throwing in your baby's diaper bag to keep your child healthy. Read more