Black Gloss 3ft x 5ft Car Wrap Vinyl Roll with Air Release 3MIL-VViViD8

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Black Gloss 3ft x 5ft Car Wrap Vinyl Roll with Air Release 3MIL-VViViD8

Product Details

Size: 3ft x 5ft
Brand: VViViD
MPN: 8542117482
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Vehicle Service Type: ‎Motorcycle, Airplane, Car, Boat
  • Manufacturer: ‎VViViD Vinyls
  • Item Weight: ‎1.15 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: ‎36 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Item model number: ‎8542117482
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ‎VV8-BLG-3
  • Date First Available: June 24, 2014
  • This premium automotive vinyl by VViViD Vinyls is specially engineered for DIY'ers. This durable film is ideal for long-term fleet and motorsport marketing applications, and provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint.
  • At 4.3mils in thickness, the film will stretch and conform to any shape and thick enough that discoloration, stretch marks and other visible defects when wrapping and driving are kept to a minimum.
  • This product has built in VViViD Air Release, VViViD Resist, and VViViD Heat Fuse technologies to support the DIY'ers and the professional look of the completed quality. See the product description below for the details about these technologies.
  • Application: Dry. Adhesive : Solvent-based, repositionable, permanent adhesive. Life: This vinyl is expected to easily last 5-7 years outdoors.
  • This Vinyl can be installed using 3M 94 Primer and 3M Edge sealer, these are not mandatory, these products will promote adhesion and add life to your vinyl. The sealer or primer will not remove the glue, deform the vinyl or ruin the texture unlike cheaper quality films.

VViViD materials are designed to perform for DIY'ers and Pros alike, all while maintaining professional grade manufacturing standards. Our wraps are easy to use, safe for your paint, and continually improved every batch. They also come in over 200 variations of colors, textures and finishes such as Gloss, Matte, Satin and textured. VViViD is an industry leader in the vinyl wrapping world. Our products are used by millions of customers and have been featured in world-class car shows and events. 30+ years of manufacturing experience and 10+ years of vinyl wrapping set us apart in terms of quality, innovation and value. Why VViViD? Direct to consumer! (Saves you money)) VViViD is the only vinyl manufacturer to retail direct to consumers. This allows us to.. 1. Offer products at a lower initial cost as there are no middle men. 2. Listen directly to client feedback and make necessary changes. 3. Research and develop new products and technologies at great speeds. Most Beginner Friendly Wraps! User-Friendly is our golden rule when designing our wraps. Everything from the waterproof backing paper to the vinyl itself is crafted to be easy to use and be installed without the risk of damaging your car's paint or the product itself. Customer Protection! Protecting our customers and their money is a priority for us. Take a look at our website(s) to learn more about our customer protection policies! We’re Everywhere! You will find over 500 hours worth of video tutorials using our products all over the internet! (But you'll only need to watch one or two good ones to get the basics and get to work.) Read more Read more Start Over Again and Again! Our materials are coated using a hybrid plastisol gel that creates a self healing surface. The self healing coating will protect your film from swirls, light abrasions and scratches for years to come. Simply heat out most damage you see with a heat gun. Won't Damage Your Paint! Like most vinyl manufacturers we use Solvent Based Acrylic Adhesive for our wraps. Although, to ensure the solvent will not damage your car paint, our manufacturing process allows the solvent the proper time it needs to cure through 40 feet of evaporation tunnels. Resulting in an adhesive that: 1. Won't damage your paint! 2. enable you to re-apply/lift/re-position the vinyl in cases of mistakes or imperfections! 3. Will never eat through or dissolve top coats on your paint. Collapsing Air- channels.. What?! Air-release is great for installation by releasing air through adhesive channels. However, air-channels can spell doom after it's installed.. Why? Well if materials can breath out air, it can also breath in contaminants and moisture. Vvivid's air-channels slowly disappear over time creating a reliable bond that will not lift, peel or breath in contaminants. Prevents Sun Damage! With new and future advancements in the industry, we are continually using the best UV absorbers and light stabilizers in our films ensuring a finish that will not fade, crack or fail. New improvements are made every quarter. Read more Get Featured! Love your project? Post pictures and GET FEATURED! on our website, socials or print media to show off your work to the world! See you there!