Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer, Large Screen and Backlit, FSA Eligible, Period Tracker with Premom(iOS & Android) - Auto BBT Sync, Charting, Coverline & Accurate Fertility Prediction #EBT-300 Ebt-300 Pink

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Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer, Large Screen and Backlit, FSA Eligible, Period Tracker with Premom(iOS & Android) - Auto BBT Sync, Charting, Coverline & Accurate Fertility Prediction #EBT-300

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Color: Ebt-300 Pink
Brand: Easy@Home
MPN: 4332440610
UPC: 680031936327
EAN: 0680031936327

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  • UPC: 680031936327
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  • Batteries 2 Lithium Metal batteries required.
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  • "GET PREGNANT EASIER THAN EVER WITH Premom: Easy@Home Newly Launched PremomAPP Integrated Smart Basal Thermometer is the most advanced bluetooth enabled basal thermometer on the market. Whether you are trying to conceive (TTC), avoid pregnancy naturally, or just want to know your body better, the Easy@Homes Premom with Smart Basal Thermometer does it all with ease.
  • SEAMLESS and SMART: Take a quick measurement early in the morning and fall back asleep. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) will be synced with Premom APP seamlessly. No need to write down temperatures or even open your phone. The Premom APP will chart your BBT and generate the coverline automatically to pinpoint the BBT spike with precision.
  • INTELLIGENT: Premom predicts the fertility window accurately using an advanced algorithm that incorporates all your fertility signs including: BBT, ovulation test results, PdG test results and period information for the best prediction. You can track and view your cycle and fertility windows prediction at any time.
  • CLINICALLY HIGH MEASUREMENT ACCURACY: Clinically Accurate with high precision at 0.09/0.05. It only takes about 1.5 - 2 minutes to read result. Unlimited record stored on cloud with your account. Memory recall up to 30 temperature records. y. Each record shows Date and exact shown track history easily. With its low energy profile, the pre-installed button battery lasts about 3 months. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • OTHER FEATURES AND SERVICE: Large screen with backlight for reading in the dark. Gentle confirmation beep when test is complete, no timer needed. All your data is stored in the cloud, no concern about manually uploading or losing data. 100 % customer satisfaction guaranteed; experienced customer service agents are available for any questions you may have. **Our Guarantee- We are so confident that you will love this product that we offer a 1 Year PRODUCT Quality Guarantee.**

Pro Overview Take charge of your fertility by knowing your ovulation and period cycles! The Easy@Home EBT-300 Smart Basal Thermometer powered by the Premom smart fertility app helps you understand your cycles better so that you can get pregnant quickly and easily. Our Product Features Easy, affordable, awesome service Easy@Home EBT-300 Smart Basal Thermometer is a Bluetooth enabled oral thermometer with clinical high measurement accuracy of 0.09°F. It connects with the Premom App. With advanced methodologies, Premom helps you sync your oral basal temperature and chart your cycle automatically with ease and precision.(When you want to sync your data to Premom App, just make sure both your phone and EBT-300 are working and they are connected with Bluetooth). ✔ Large LCD back-lit display with soft light ✔ Measurement Time: 90-120 seconds ✔ Clinically Accurate at ±0.09℉/±0.05℃, display in 1/100 graduation, range from 89.6℉to 107.6℉ ✔ Flexible and Water- proof Tip ✔ Automatically Chart your BBT and generate the coverline to pinpoint the BBT spike by app. ✔ Unlimited Record stored on cloud with your account and 30 records recallable with device. ✔Supporting Mobile Device for Premom: iOS: iPhone 5+ (iOS 8.0) or later. Android: with 4.4 or later system and Bluetooth 4.0. ✔ 1 Year PRODUCT Quality Promise Read more Takes a while to take temperature but gives you the most accurate results. Accuracy of 0.09°F/0.05℃ for temperature readings. Bluetooth Enabled: Auto Sync, Analysis and BBT Charting. With your BBT data Premom does auto charting for you. Large backlit LCD display helps you read results easily in the dark. Premom’s all- in-one platform predicts your best conception chance with your other fertility information. Read more Read more Read more