Epsoak Everyday Epsom Salts - 2 lbs. Detox + Cleanse Bath Salts 2 Pound

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Epsoak Everyday Epsom Salts - 2 lbs. Detox + Cleanse Bath Salts

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Size: 2 Pound
Brand: Epsoak
UPC: 817678015676
EAN: 0817678015676

  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • UPC: 817678015676
  • #49 in Bath Salts
  • DETOX + CLEANSE SOAK - Supports the elimination of toxins from your skin and body and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Scented with Premium Essential Oils.
  • Epsoak Everyday - Made with Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil. Packaged in the USA.
  • EPSOAK EPSOM SALT - Dissolves easily in warm water to help soothe muscle pain, relieve aching feet, reduce inflammation and detoxify the skin and body.
  • Bath Spa Shower Feet
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Epsoak Everyday Epsom Detox + Cleanse Bath Salts 2 lb. Resealable Bag Everyday Detox + Cleanse by San Francisco Salt Company is an all-natural remedy to soothe tired and aching muscles, while promoting detoxification of the skin and body. Epsoak is made with premium USP Grade Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) infused with premium essential oils known to naturally detoxify the body like Eucalyptus, Citrus, and Tea Tree. Detox Bath Soak makes the perfect bath or foot soak at the end of a long day! Known for its premium quality and many therapeutic uses, Epsoak Epsom Salt dissolves easily in warm water. Epsoak is a naturally translucent/white salt in medium grain (0.2-3mm). Why Choose EPSOAK Everyday Detox+Cleanse? CLEANSE, SOFTEN & DETOXIFY SKIN: Soaking in our Epsoak Detox Bath Salt helps to remove toxins from the skin and body, cleanses pores, and softens skin. DRAW OUT TOXINS: Our Detox Epsom Salt Blend is made with Epsoak Epsom Salt and premium essential oils to draw toxins out of the body, leaving you refreshed and clean. Detox Soak is the perfect recovery bath salt after a long workout or a weekend of indulging. SOOTHE ACHES & PAINS: The perfect evening bath after a stressful or demanding day, use Epsoak Detox Bath Soak in a bath or foot bath to detoxify pores and relieve muscle aches, pains, and stiffness. Safe for Jacuzzis & Spas Our philosophy is simple. We want you to remember how good it feels to take a bath. Our products harmonize the therapeutic power of bathing, aromatherapy and Epsom Salt to transform your bath into a healing ritual for your body and mind. GET YOUR SOAK ON with EPSOAK Everyday Research has supported many health benefits from the pure minerals in Epsom Salt including: CALMING MAGNESIUM: Magnesium has been known to ease stress, improve sleep, and boost concentration. This mineral also helps muscles and nerves function properly and regulates the activity of over 300 enzymes. DETOXIFYING SUFLATES: Sulfates are known to flush toxins, improve absorption of nutrients, and help form joint proteins. SAN FRANCISCO SALT COMPANY | TRUSTED SALT SUPPLIER SINCE 2002 PREMIUM QUALITY: When adding Epsoak Everyday to your bath you will see why the quality is superior. It is the perfect grain size for dissolving quickly & easily in warm water. All Natural: Epsoak Everyday Detox+Cleanse is a 100% natural bath soak made of Epsoak Epsom Salt, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and a therapeutic essential oil blend to help cleanse and eliminate toxins. USE FOR: BATH & SPA | FOOT SOAK | SHOWER | - Detoxify & Cleanse Skin, Soothe Aches & Pains Add two cups of Epsoak Epsom Salt to warm, running bath water. Settle in and soak for 20 minutes to help relieve stress and stiffness. Mix one cup of Epsoak Epsom Salt with warm water in a foot bath and soak feet for 10 minutes to help soothe aches and soften rough skin. Exfoliate and soften skin in the shower by mixing a handful of Epsoak Epsom Salt with a tablespoon of shower gel or olive oil and massage onto wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.