ergoPouch 2.5 tog Cocoon Swaddle Bag- 2 in 1 Swaddle Transitions into arms Free Wearable Blanket Sleeping Bag. 2 Way Zipper for Easy Diaper Changes (Night Sky, 3-6 Months) Night Sky 3-6 Month

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ergoPouch 2.5 tog Cocoon Swaddle Bag- 2 in 1 Swaddle Transitions into arms Free Wearable Blanket Sleeping Bag. 2 Way Zipper for Easy Diaper Changes (Night Sky, 3-6 Months)

Product Details

Color: Night Sky
Size: 3-6 Month
Brand: ergoPouch
MPN: EPCO-2.5T03-06MNS20
EAN: 9352240010471
UPC: Does not apply

  • Color: ‎Night Sky
  • Brand: ‎ErgoPouch
  • Blanket Form: ‎Swaddle
  • Product Dimensions: ‎9.45"L x 5.5"W
  • Pattern: ‎Solid
  • Size: ‎3-6 Month
  • Fabric Type: ‎Cotton
  • Item Weight: ‎350 Grams
  • Item model number: ‎EPCO-2.5T03-06MNS20
  • Batteries required: ‎No
  • Item Weight: ‎12.3 ounces
  • Cotton
  • CUTE PATTERNED SLEEPING BAGS: If youre looking for the perfect wearable blanket to keep your little one warm and cozy, the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag is a must-have! We offer adorable colors and patterns available in thick and lightweight bags for winter and summer.
  • SNAP ARM HOLES & EASY ZIPPER: The Cocoon Swaddle Bag includes snaps in the armholes that can be used to convert it from a swaddle to an arm-out style sleeping bag once your baby can roll. It also has a 2-way zipper that makes those night-time diaper changes quick and easy. Our swaddle sacks are made to be worn with a romper/pajama underneath to make sure your child stays nice and snug
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC COTTON & BAMBOO: These cozy sleeping pouches are made with warm and breathable organic cotton & bamboo viscose, which is soft and gentle against your babys delicate skin. Our Cocoon Swaddlers are also bell-shaped to allow for healthy leg movement, which helps minimize the risk of hip dysplasia. ergoPouch products are always manufactured with your childs comfort and safety in mind.
  • 4 CONVENIENT SIZES: You can purchase the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag in 0000 months for small newborns or premature babies (4.4-11 lbs, product length 20.5 IN), size 0-3 months for newborns (6.6-13.2 lbs, product length 23.6 IN), size 3-6 months for infants (13.2-17.6 lbs, product length 27.5 IN), size 6-12 months for older infants (17.6-22 lbs, product length 29.9 IN). We also have a range of products for toddlers once they outgrow their swaddle.
  • TOG RATINGS: Cocoon Swaddle Bags are available in 3 TOG ratings to choose from based on the temperature of your nursery room. Use 2.5 TOG for cool rooms (64-73F), 1.0 TOG for medium temperature rooms (68-75F), and 0.2 TOG for warm rooms (75F+). With the right selection, you shouldnt need any extra blankets, which is the best way to keep your child safe as they sleep. Your baby will have sweet dreams with our sleepwear!

The Cocoon Swaddle Bag from ergoPouch is a safe way to keep baby warm without the need for extra blankets! This is a 'no origami' baby swaddle that is designed to be easy to use and difficult to escape from. Swaddling your baby can help soothe and settle them to sleep by giving them a feeling of containment, similar to the feeling they had when in the confined space of your womb. The simple zip-up design is very easy to use with diaper changes and will keep your baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping. The 2-in-1 swaddle design allows for an easy transition into an arms-free sleeping bag when your baby begins to roll. We recommend releasing only one arm at first by opening the snaps in the armhole for a week or two before allowing the other arm out. This will give your baby time to become used to this new way of settling and sleeping. The ergoPouch Cocoon range is made from breathable, organic cotton, and the swaddles are ergonomically designed and super stretchy to allow for natural movement. The bell-shaped design allows for sufficient room for babies to move their legs and hips, which minimizes the risk of hip dysplasia. We also added a 2-way zipper for easy diaper changes. Safe sleep guidelines suggest that there is as little as possible in the cot or crib, and so we have made our Cocoons available in three TOG (warmth) ratings. By choosing the right Cocoon for the temperature of your nursery, you can avoid using blankets altogether. The Cocoon Swaddle Bag is available in the following sizes: 0000 months (up to 4.4-11 lbs.), 0–3 months (up to 6.6-13.2 lbs.), 3–6 months (up to 13.2-17.6 lbs) and 6-12 months (up to 17.6-22 lbs). Gentle wash in cold water, do not tumble dry. Dry cleanable. Designed in Australia.