Get Back Gorgeous Womens Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair & Bald Spots – Electrostatically Charged for Instantly Thick, Full, Shiny Hair in 30 Seconds -25g (Light Blonde) Light Blonde

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Get Back Gorgeous Womens Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair & Bald Spots – Electrostatically Charged for Instantly Thick, Full, Shiny Hair in 30 Seconds -25g (Light Blonde)

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Color: Light Blonde
Brand: Get Back Gorgeous
MPN: GBG0425
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • #107 in Hair Building Fibers
  • INSTANT FLAWLESS COVERAGE, NO CLUMPS LIGHTWEIGHT, SHINY, REAL FEELING HAIR: CELEBRITY STYLISTS love how these electrostatically charged hair building fiber instantly cover every gap adding shine, texture and lift that lasts all day. THE ONLY hair fibers specifically formulated for women
  • THE SECRET? KERATIN HAIR FIBERS w/ IDENTICAL MOLECULAR STRUCTURE: While competitors hair powder for thinning hair clump and weigh hair down, we crafted Get Back Gorgeous from the HIGHEST GRADE Keratin hair fibers your hairs IDENTICAL electrostatically charged twin so it looks real, feels real, and sticks to your hair with ease.
  • EASY APPLICATION - CLING LIKE SUPER MAGNETS for ALL DAY COVERAGE: Simply open, shake hair fillers for thinning hair over thin areas, and watch as the tiny hair thickening fibers cling to your existing hair follicles like SUPER-MAGNETS instantly filling, thickening and providing full coverage over bald spots, thinning and patchiness.
  • LOOKS AMAZING, PAYS FOR ITSELF: THE ONLY WOMENS specific hair filler saves you thousands over costly hair pieces, wigs and pricy hair clinics while still delivering your OWN real looking hair in seconds flat. Our friends like to say Get Back Gorgeous instantly pays for itself!
  • READ CAREFULLY - LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE PERFECT COLOR MATCH GUARANTEED: Your beauty, color match and happiness are 100% guaranteed, no exceptions get a refund for ANY reason. Simply choose your color, click add to cart and experience 100% color match results, or well send out as many additional colors FREE OF CHARGE until youre 100% happy (you can even keep the other bottle!) No gimmicks, no tricks, no disclaimer just gorgeous, real looking hair.

Color:Light Blonde ❤️ NEW PRODUCT OFFER:$17 TODAY ONLY! (Soon to be $29.95) Patchy, thinning, balding hair? Restore your confidence, your moxy and look 10 years younger with hair that looks and feels real with Get Back Gorgeous Hair Filler Fibers for Women. Go ahead and click add to cart now - You’ll feel 100% thrilled with your color match and your results or keep the bottle and swap out as many colors as you’d like or get a full refund – lifetime guaranteed. IT LOOKS REAL, BECAUSE IT IS REAL Dont settle for clumpy, heavy hair fibers that weight your hair down. Get Back Gorgeous contains only the purest, highest grade electrostatically charged keratin fibers – we guaranteed people can't tell the difference between your real hair and your hair fibers or your money back. WHAT DO I TELL PEOPLE WHEN THEY COMPLIEMENT MY THICKER, FULLER HAIR? You could tell them you’ve changed your diet, you’ve visited the fountain of youth, or you’ve added in new supplements but we recommend simply saying, “Thank You” and smiling as you strut away. COLOR MATCH GUARANTEE – UNLIMITED EXCHANGES While we pride ourselves on creating ‘true to you color’ images, making it easy to match our colors to your own HOWEVER on the rare occasion that you get a color that doesn’t match to 100% perfection, we’ll provide unlimited color exchanges until you’re 100% satisfied (and we won’t even hassle you with returning the bottle – keep it and pass it along to a friend in need). LIFETIME GUARANTEED – CLICK ADD TO CART NOW Your happiness, satisfaction and younger looking quaff are 100% guaranteed – no quibbles, no tricks and no hassle – so go ahead and click add to cart now. Expect to see a full head of bald-spot free hair in the mirror, or get a full refund for ANY reason.