Great Value Hamburger Dill Chip Pickles, 32 Fl Oz

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  • Dill pickle chips
  • No certified synthetic colors
  • Fresh pack
  • Kosher

Great Value Hamburger Dill Pickles are crisp and delicious pickles that are crinkle-cut into bite size chips. These tasty pickles are freshly packed and seasoned with a flavorful blend of spices. They add a mild, zesty crunch to any meal. Use them to make homemade fried pickles the whole family will enjoy. Add them to sandwiches, burgers or salads. Their vibrant color will add a pop to any dish that is sure to wow your guests. They are great for health conscious individuals as they are made without any synthetic coloring. They come in a reclosable jar that keeps your pickles fresh after every use. Add some tangy flavors to your next barbecue with Great Value Hamburger Dill Chips.

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Great Value Hamburger Dill Chips:
Cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride (firming agent), sodium benzoate (preservative), natural flavors, polysorbate 80, turmeric (for color)/div>