Harris Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed and Unrefined for Plants, Skin and Hair, 12oz Cosmetic Grade 1

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Harris Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed and Unrefined for Plants, Skin and Hair, 12oz Cosmetic Grade

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Size: 1
Brand: Harris
UPC: 072725008272
EAN: 0072725008272

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  • UPC: 072725008272
  • Item model number: NEEM-12
  • #94 in Body Oils
  • 100% Cold Pressed & Unrefined - All natural with absolutely no chemicals or additives included to ensure that the neem oil retains its original composition
  • Cosmetic Grade - The oil is high in antioxidant compounds that help fight free radical damage to soothe and heal the skin
  • Organic Gardening Uses - Used in organic gardening to keep plants looking healthy
  • Mix with Lotions or Shampoos - Antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids provide nourishment for hair, nails and skin
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you aren't fully satisfied with our neem oil, contact us and we will issue a full refund no questions asked

About Harris Problem solving has a long heritage at PF Harris. In 1924, two years after its founding, the company tackled the Calvin Coolidge White House, which had been overrun for years by roaches and water bugs. Harris’s product was so successful in eliminating the scourge that he was described on the front page of the Washington Times as a "vermin slayer" who has just fought a decisive, winning battle with a horde of cockroaches which infested the lower regions of the Executive Mansion. Over the course of the next few months Harris took “his final feast” to dozens of government buildings, including the Senate Office Building, the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and Walter Reed Hospital. Success followed success: Each superintendent of the various buildings was highly satisfied with the results. The company today stays nimble enough to respond to changing market demands, leading the way in the development of numerous products, including natural insect repellents like Swamp Gator and Swamp Gnat which repel biting insects without using deet. Beyond the products it sells, Harris helps customers find easy and economical solutions to pest problems through helpful labeling, instructive videos and personal advice. It’s a brand with a reliable past and an innovative future. PF Harris is America’s oldest EPA-registered company. With more than 55 products, the company provides solutions to treat everything from roaches and bed bugs to scorpions and stink bugs. What Is Neem Oil? Not All Neem Oil is Created Equal. Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil extracted from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica), a fast- growing evergreen tree that is native to the Indian subcontinent. With a large variety of different uses, neem oil is an extremely versatile substance that carries beneficial medicinal, cosmetic and gardening uses. So when we say our neem oil is 100% cold pressed, what does this mean and why does it matter? Neem oil products on the market nearly always fall within one of three categories: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil Azadirachtin Extract Neem Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil The first two categories listed above are extracts - hydrophobic and azadirachtin. These extracts are produced when neem oil has been processed. The benefit of processing is that it allows for the sale of a neem oil product at a much lower price point. The disadvantage of processing is that the neem oil will lose many of its valuable biochemical compounds in the process. Harris Neem Oil is 100% Cold Pressed and retains all of the essential nutrients contained in the original neem seed. It's more expensive, but it's worth it. Harris Cold Pressed Neem Oil Directions for Use For People: Use as a topical treatment only. Apply directly to skin and hair or mix with lotions, creams, shampoos or other personal care products. Start with a few drops and increase as desired. For Plants: Mix 1 fluid ounce with 1 gallon of water and a mild amount of detergent or soap. Spray directly in the morning or evening when the sun has set. For Pets: Make a spray as directed above or mix with shampoo at a ratio of 1:20.