MroMax 20Sets 3-in-1 Metal Furniture Connecting Kit 15mm OD Cam Fitting, 6x35mm Dowel Screws, 11mm OD Pre-Inserted Nut 20pcs 6*35

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MroMax 20Sets 3-in-1 Metal Furniture Connecting Kit 15mm OD Cam Fitting, 6x35mm Dowel Screws, 11mm OD Pre-Inserted Nut

Product Details

Size: 20pcs
Style: 6*35
Brand: MroMax
MPN: MRO190822S-0096
UPC: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

  • Package Dimensions : 5.91 x 4.25 x 1.54 inches; 0.71 Ounces
  • Date First Available : November 15, 2019
  • Manufacturer : MroMax
  • Best Sellers Rank: #160,086 in Industrial & Scientific (See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific) #13 in Compression Fitting Nuts
  • #13 in Compression Fitting Nuts
  • Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 5 ratings
  • Cam Fittings Size: 15 x 12mm/0.59 x 0.47inch(D*H); Dowel Size: 6 x 35mm/0.24 x 1.38inch(D*L); Pre-inserted Nut Size: 11 x 10.5mm/0.43 x 0.41inch(OD*H).
  • Application: Suitable for all kinds of furniture with chipboard and wood board combination. Office furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, wardrobes, wooden double beds, and other wood-to-wood connection and fixation.
  • Package Details: 20 sets of furniture connection accessories. Each set includes a fitting cam lock nut, a positioning pin connecting rod bolt, and a pre-inserted nut. According to the external dimensions of each component, making holes and combination installation is carried out.
  • Note: When locking, the eccentric wheel can be 90 degrees +/- 5 degrees, and it cannot be locked with too much force, which may cause the eccentric wheel assembly to be unusable.
  • Features: A combination of various types of furniture suitable for installation and quick disassembly, especially when the fixing effect of non-solid wood fasteners is not enough, the three-in-one eccentric cam connection assembly is ideal.

Size:20pcs | Style:635 About 3-in-1 Furniture Connecting Generally, it is composed of a cam lock nut with a complex structure and a pre-inserted nut, which is connected by a screw connecting rod. It is mainly used in the connection and fixing of artificial boards such as particleboard that are not easy to repeat make holes and disassembly. Because of its high strength, easy disassembly, good masking performance, and beautiful appearance, it is widely used in various types of furniture. It is an important part of the connection between wood and wood in the assembly of the furniture. In the connection process, it is usually composed of a nut, a connecting rod, and a cam lock nut. The nut is inlaid into one board, and the cam lock nut is placed into another board. The two components are connected by the rod. When the cam nut is rotated, the two boards will be tensioned and locked to play a combined locking role. Installation Steps 1. According to the actual installation dimensions of each component, make the corresponding mounting holes in advance, install the three-in-one components. Finally put in the cam lock nut to ensure that the side groove of the nut matches the screw cap of the connecting rod to lock the nut. The surface of the cross groove is flush with the surface of the board, without protruding the board surface. 2. After confirming that all accessories and planks are in the proper position, use the cross screwdriver to follow the + and-signs on the surface of the eccentric wheel. If there is no mark, rotate the eccentric wheel according to the actual situation, until it rotates about 90 degrees (1/4 circle). The installation is complete. If more torque is applied, it may break the nut. Wide Range of Applications In the corners of the wardrobe and bookshelves, cam locking parts can be seen everywhere. It can ensure the daily use of our wardrobe and bookshelves. It is easy to disassemble, fast to assemble, and convenient to transport.