PinMart State Shape Flag Lapel Pin 50 Pack 50 State Shape

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PinMart State Shape Flag Lapel Pin

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Size: 50 Pack
Color: 50 State Shape
Brand: PinMart
MPN: S1181
UPC: 674898580441
EAN: 0674898580441

  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 6, 2022
  • 50 US STATE LAPEL PINS: From Alabama to Wyoming, weve got a badge for each one of the 50 US states in this complete United States of America flag pin set
  • FLAG & SHAPE: Each of the cleverly designed state shape shirt pins is finished with the relevant flag; these US state pins vary in size up to 2 inches each
  • GOLD PLATED ENAMEL PINS: The high-quality state flag lapel pins are die struck from jeweler's metal, feature bold enamel colors and are gold plated and enamel color filled
  • SECURE CLUTCH BACKS: Our USA state flag pins are finished with a convenient clutch back, otherwise known as a butterfly or military clutch back, it is the most versatile and popular attachment; fastens securely to any garment, bag, hat, or lanyard and includes an anti-spin spur for added security
  • GREAT GIFT CHOICE: PinMart has been creating premium emblems for corporate customers and consumers since 1999; these state US lapel pins make a perfect gift, hat pin, promotional piece, or backpack pin

For over 55 years, Pinmart has been a leader in promotional and inspirational products. We manufacture our products in the USA along with different factories and production facilities worldwide. Our long history and experience in the design and manufacturing processes results in the production of a quality product. For home, business, or education, we provide the services and expertise you need to make your project a success. More than just pins! Recognition Wear your state emblem flag with pride! A beautifully designed lapel pin that incorporates the shape of the state and is cleverly designed to make a perfect gift, commemorative or promotional item. Inspiration There’s no place like home! Wear our lapel pins to show pride in your home state, or to recognize the concessions made by others who find themselves working or living a long way from home and family. Promotion Promote the national scale of your business with flag lapel pins - these small pins communicate a big message to the community at large! Ideal for local and national trade shows, community events, festivals and expos. Read more 50 State Shape Flag Pins Collection A complete set of US state flag pins includes 1 lapel pin to represent each of the 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming. Each beautifully crafted pin is produced in the shape of the state and decorated with the state flag in bold and vibrant colored enamel. The gold-plated US pins are the perfect size to wear as a shirt pin, lapel pin or cap pin, and the enamel USA state flag pins have a clutch back to hold them securely in place. Our gold-plated enamel state flag pins are a great way to celebrate a nationwide team, commemorate trips and travel, or as an all-American gift for a friend. Read more Why Shop PinMart? Beautiful enamel lapel pins and friendly, helpful service — these are the reasons our happy customers shop PinMart. We provide great quality emblematics that are competitively priced while adhering to the highest quality standards, and we are committed to client satisfaction. We have supplied stock and custom special order lapel pins, emblems, officially licensed military products, lanyards, and personalized engraved gifts since 1999. We use our long history and experience in design and manufacturing processes to deliver a great selection of premium products at great prices. Read more PinMart State Shape Flag PinMart Made in USA American Flag PinMart Crossed Friendship Flag PinMart American Flag Patriotic Year PinMart US State Flag PinMart Outdoor Nature Lover Pin Type Gold Plated Hard Enamel Pin Gold or Silver Plated Hard Enamel Gold Plated Hard Enamel Pin Gold Plated Soft Enamel Pin Gold Plated Hard Enamel Pin Soft Enamel Pin Size Vary in size from 1 to 2 inches each 7/8"W x 5/8"H 1-1/8" 1-1/8"W x 3/8"H 1" Vary in size from 1 to 2 inches each Design Option Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes