Sabo-Heal, Eczema+ Natural Cream, Skin Disorders

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Sabo-Heal was the first cream formulated by Earth's Essence. It has gone through many changes and improvements since the first formulation to make it the extremely effective cream it is today for skin disorders.

This is a powerful, active body & Face cream targeting symptoms of skin disorders and allergies, immune system skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and rosacea and providing relief.

Sabo-Heal is designed to supply the skin with the broad spectrum nourishment it lacks, and give it what is needed to regenerate in a healthy manner.

This active yet gentle cream relieves itchiness, protects the skin from exterior impurities and reduces scarring.

Unlike other products addressing skin disorder, the cream is not greasy and is absorbed instantly into the skin. The effects can be felt within a couple of minutes,and noticeable results with constant use. 

Sabo-Heal is:

  • Enriched with extracts that fight inflammation and protect the skin
  • provides prolonged and deep hydration
  • Deeply nourish
  • Diminish Scarring
  • Reduces Itching
  • Protects and restores skin
  • Promotes healthy skin rejuvenation 
  • Light and Absorbed quickly. Non-Greasy
  • Boosted in Vitamins E, C, B5, B3

Formula advised for the following conditions:

  • Skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea
  • Dry skin prone to acne (face)
  • Acne on back and chest areas

 * Also great for relieving mosquito bites and rashes. 

Use as necessary. Suitable to use as a face cream too.

Cream is beige/yellow due to the extracts. Won't show on skin. It has a pleasant scent derived from the combination of 6 very carefully selected essential oil that proved effective in relieving skin disorders. 

Apply on clean skin as needed on the desired areas.