Thick and Full Hair Growth Shampoo - with Organic Vitamins for Hair Growth - For Color Treated Hair - Paraben, Gluten and Sulfate Free - Hair Loss Treatments - Supports Regrowth (16oz) - Made in USA 16oz Large

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Thick and Full Hair Growth Shampoo - with Organic Vitamins for Hair Growth - For Color Treated Hair - Paraben, Gluten and Sulfate Free - Hair Loss Treatments - Supports Regrowth (16oz) - Made in USA

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Size: 16oz Large
Brand: DermaChange
UPC: 702685239262
EAN: 0702685239262

  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • UPC: 702685239262
  • #45 in Hair Regrowth Shampoos
  • REGROWTH FORMULA. Restore hair's natural fullness & beauty without worrying about any side effects.
  • ORGANIC & PURE. Made from high-grade, pH balanced ingredients that promote healthier & thicker hair.
  • MADE IN USA, FAMILY-OWNED with 3 generations making our own natural products. Products You Can Trust.
  • NON TOXIC. Manufactured without harmful chemicals like gluten & sulfate allowing your natural pH level to re-balance itself.
  • GUARANTEE. If after using this product for 30 days you arent satisfied contact Customer Service for a full refund.

Our Story Where Beauty and Health Meet. This is a new approach to skin and personal care. Our carefully created formulas rely on nature’s most powerful ingredients for their potency. We use nothing but organic ingredients, making all our products food grade and even edible. No sulfates, petroleum, dyes, etc. DermaChange strives to give your body every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, amino acid, and amino proteins that it needs to nourish your skin naturally. Ditch the chemicals and treat your skin and hair to the nutrition they need. Our natural and organic formulas give you back the health you deserve—inside and out. Our Thick and Full Shampoo and Conditioner Set Uniquely formulated to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth. By removing environmental factors that might be damaging your hair and scalp, while simultaneously infusing your hair with all the nutrients it needs you’ll finally have the healthy hair nature intended. Made with only the finest natural and organic ingredients from around the world, like aloe vera, coconut oil, cassava root, and orange peel, this shampoo and conditioner provides all the vitamins, amino acids, humectant molecules, and nutrients your hair and scalp need to heal and grow. Restoring these amino acids and proteins to your hair helps to repair fibers, restore natural moisture and treat split ends. Our organic formula is free of harmful chemicals that strip or dry out your hair. Our set is paraben, sulfate, gluten, fragrance, and alcohol-free. This means, your scalp will finally be free from irritation and daily damage, allowing it to recover and become healthy once again. Our formula is carefully pH balanced to match the native pH level of your scalp and hair, which restores your body's natural protective layer, called the acid mantle. When a product is too alkaline, as most are, they strip the acid mantle away, leaving your skin and hair irritated, dried out, and at risk. We have taken every measure to ensure that our shampoo and conditioner set soothes, nourishes, repairs, and strengthens. Formulated to restore your hair to health, with Thick and Full you can finally grow the thick, full, shiny hair you've always desired. Our Organic and Natural Ingredients to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller One of the best antioxidant-rich superfoods you can use in your hair and natures natural conditioner! This penetrating moisturizer has powerful antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. It even helps to combat dandruff. It is rich in Omega-3 fats and lauric acid which helps to reduce protein loss in hair and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight. Adding it all up, this makes coconut oil is also one of the best ways to combat thinning hair and promote new hair growth. Our Organic and Natural Ingredients to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller Packed with tons of vitamins and minerals to help to keep your hair strong and healthy, aloe vera benefits have been known for centuries. It soothes and conditions the scalp, providing the ideal environment for hair growth. Because of aloe vera’s antibacterial and antifungal properties, it also helps to eliminate dandruff and the gel’s enzymes can rid the scalp of dead cells and promote the regeneration of skin tissue around the hair follicles for improved growth. Our Organic and Natural Ingredients to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller The alcohol analog of pantothenic acid, has scientifically been shown to affect the diameter and behavior of individual terminal scalp hair fibers. The treatment significantly increased the diameter of individual, existing terminal scalp fibers. It also thickened hair fibers and increased the pliability, giving the hairs better ability to withstand force without breaking. Our Organic and Natural Ingredients to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller Provides a soothing effect on an irritated scalp alleviating dryness and dandruff. Secondly, orange oil is an excellent moisturizer and is recommended for dry, damaged and brittle hair. High concentration of vitamin C helps to nourish, protect, and clean the hair. Orange oil also prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair roots and stimulate their growth. Coconut Oil Aloe Vera Vitamin B5 Orange Peel Read more Steps for Your New All-Natural Hair Routine with Tips You Were Never Taught on How to Properly Care for Your Hair Step 1 Add a quarter sized amount to the palm of your hand. This shampoo contains a high amount of coconut oil and aloe vera juice which act as natural lathering agents. It is important not to over lather your hair with product to get more of a lathering effect, as this will strip your hair of its natural oils and dry it out. Step 2 It is important NOT to use hot water as this loosen hair follicles increasing hair loss and dries the hair further. Instead use warm to lukewarm water to dampen and rinse hair before applying the product. Step 3 Apply the product by massaging the scalp gently with your fingertips in circular motions all over concentrating on the scalp and roots. NEVER rub the hair vigorously as it is in its weakest stage when it's wet as it can damage the hair. Step 4 Always remove excess water from the hair before conditioning it will work more effectively and deep condition the hair. Finally finish rinsing your hair with cool water for your best hair day yet!When drying your hair, it is best to pat it dry with a towel and gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair. Air dry as much as possible and if necessary blow dry on a low to medium heat setting. Apply a teaspoon of coconut oil to damp or dry hair to help detangle and protect. Read more