Viking Revolution Microdermabrasion Face Scrub for Men - Facial Cleanser to Exfoliate Skin, Deep Cleansing Facewash Removes Blackheads, Spots, Ingrown Hairs - Men's Daily Pre-Shave Face Scrub 1 Pack

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Viking Revolution Microdermabrasion Face Scrub for Men - Facial Cleanser to Exfoliate Skin, Deep Cleansing Facewash Removes Blackheads, Spots, Ingrown Hairs - Men's Daily Pre-Shave Face Scrub

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Size: 1 Pack
Brand: Viking Revolution
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  • UPC: 712038980123
  • #22 in Facial Scrubs
  • GUYS FACE WASH: This Men's Face Wash deeply cleanses dirt from pores, eliminates oil, balances dryness and helps moisturize facial skin.
  • SQUEAKY-CLEAN: The exfoliating face scrub removes dead skin cells and encourages natural renewal, leaving your facial skin looking healthy, bright and smooth.
  • MAKE YOUR SHAVE COUNT: By helping to condition the skin on your face against razor irritation, our face wash ensures you have a better, easier shave.
  • SKINCARE FOR MEN: Our expertly formulated mens daily facewash works with oily, dry, and normal skin types, and is a gentle and effective way to exfoliate.
  • THE VIKING GUARANTEE: All Viking products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - just contact us if for any reason youre not happy with your purchase.

There’s nothing unmanly about making sure your skin looks good. Our face wash has been specifically formulated for men’s facial skin, and is designed to helps reduce spots, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. The face wash cleanses pores, and removes any oily build up, leaving your skin clean and fresh. More than just a face wash, our facial treatment acts as a gentle exfoliator. If you’re not exfoliating you’re missing out – removing tired and dead facial skin cells encourages skin renewal, so your face goes from looking dull and tired to bright, healthy and glowing. The gentle face scrub doesn’t feel like sandpaper, but it gets the job done. Pre-Shave Prep Use the peppermint scented face wash and scrub before you shave to get the best start to the day. The facial cleanser is formulated to prevent irritation, so you’ll avoid a nasty rash and be left with clean, smooth and radiant skin. Read more 100% Natural & Organic Why would you put scary, harsh chemicals on your skin? Our microdermabrasion face scrub is completely natural, clean and organic, so you can use it on your skin with confidence, knowing it won’t cause irritation. The face scrub is suitable for men with normal, oily or dry skin types. The face wash is quick and easy to use – just apply to your face, gently massage on the skin then rinse with warm water and you’re good to go. Read more The Viking Experience Beard care is a passionate affair. Whatever the style, color, length or shape of your facial hair, we take looking after it very seriously, because your beard is going to make a statement, so make it a good one! In just 1 year, what started out as a hobby between two bearded friends frustrated by the limited and uninspiring Beard Care industry became the go-to brand for Men’s Grooming. If you’re a modern man with high standards and an awesome beard - go ahead, join the unique experience that is the Viking Revolution and see what we are all about. The Viking Quality You deserve the best, and so does your beard. The entire Viking Revolution team is whole heartedly committed to making sure that each and every product we offer is of the highest quality, using only premium ingredients and materials. We also supply our products in man-size quantities, so they won’t run out before you’re ready. Our scents are carefully curated to keep them fresh and masculine without being overwhelming, and wherever possible we use natural formulations and avoid including harsh, unnecessary chemicals that aren’t kind to your skin or the planet. The Viking promise Grow and care for your beard in complete confidence. We are completely sure that you will love every one of our products. We are proud that our results speak for themselves, and that once you have experienced the feel of a Viking Revolution beard, you’ll never go back. If you’re ready to up your grooming game, try the latest men’s beard care products and find out why we have taken the industry by storm! Read more "Never knew what I was missing! After having some ingrown hairs in my beard someone recommended I use a face scrub before shaving. This stuff is amazing!! Made with natural ingredients and doesn't dry out my skin and the shave I got after using it was much closer and I have reduced the ingrown hair problem a lot" Read more Activated Charcoal Soap for Men w/Dead Sea Mud Beard Oil Conditioner Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set w/Argan & Jojoba Oils Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men Tattoo Care Balm 4 Beard Balm Variety Pack (1oz Each)