Wooden Cotton Swabs 1200 ct | Bamboo Cotton Swabs Double Tipped | Biodegradable Cotton Buds

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Wooden Cotton Swabs 1200 ct | Bamboo Cotton Swabs Double Tipped | Biodegradable Cotton Buds

Product Details

Size: 1200 ct
Brand: QZCCC
MPN: 04cottonswabs04
UPC: 706973246000
EAN: 0706973246000

  • Shipping Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • UPC: 706973246000
  • #29 in Cotton Swabs
  • 2.9" cotton tipped with bamboo handle.
  • These organic cotton feature soft cotton tips that make them safe for use.
  • Simple packing brings lower prices , and we promise that every swabs are safe and hygienic.
  • Material: new and top quality cotton tipped with bamboo handle which is more sturdier than wood stick.
  • Use these cotton swabs to do anything you need. Remove make up, apply creams, take care of injuries and wounds or even perform arts and crafts.

Size:1200 ct 1.Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places. Use these wooden swabs to dust air vents, detail your car, or to clean ceramics & pottery. Delicate enough for cleaning collectibles and jewelry. 2.Handy for arts & crafts projects, apply glue to models, build your own creations, or paint without brushes. Also great for adult life hacks too, like nail art, or getting zippers unstuck. 3.For all your beauty needs.Get every detail right, from your nails, to your lips, to your face. Perfect for touching up nail polish, lipstick & lip gloss, eye liner, and projects like manicures. 4.Great for cleaning electronics, dusting between the keys on computer keyboards, and cleaning out phone ports. They can also help keep you safe from battery corrosion on motherboards and hard drives. 5.Enough for sensitive jobs like baby & pet care. Clean around your newborn's belly button, between your baby's toes, or around your baby's nose. Pets need gentle care too - don't forget your cats & dogs!